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K3301 Water filter for kithen Material: Plastic Retail Price:S$6.9 Sale price: S$2.3/pc
Water filter use for kithen
S3302 Water filter for shower Material: Plastic Retail Price:S$9.9 Sale price S$3.9/pc
Water filter use for shower
Our water filters for kitchen taps and shower are ideal for Singapore homes. It is known that chlorine is dangerous for health. The water we use and drink every day may contain too much chlorine. Chlorine is a strong irritant and it affects your skin health and makes your skin dry and may lead to acne problems. Exposing your body to excessive chlorine when showering, may even lead to cancer. We offer two kinds of water filter, which can be used in the kitchen and in the shower, Our filters remove chlorine and other heavy metal impurities with activated carbon and zeolite inside.
Water Filter For Singapore Homes (Kitchen \ Shower Filters)
 Before   After
remove chroine, metal impurities 
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